The 2023 World Slopper Eating Championship returns to the Colorado State Fair this weekend. The Major League Eating event started in 2020 in Pueblo and is a local favorite.

The World Slopper Eating Contest's Colorado Ties

This competition isn't your typical hot dog eating contest. This competition has a Colorado flair. The competitors eat sloppers, an iconic cheeseburger smothered in green chile sauce.

When it comes to Southern Colorado's culinary gems, nothing tops the legendary slopper. Picture this: an open-faced cheeseburger, smothered in the velvety embrace of savory green chile. It's a symphony of flavors that will transport your taste buds to cloud nine. Trust us, this is a can't-miss dish that defines the soul of Pueblo. - Major League Eating

The competition winner will win $2,000, and a cash purse totaling $4,000 will be given to the top six performers.

Geoff Esper is currently the king of the 2023 World Slopper Eating Competition. Major League Eating says that he owns the world record for eating sloppers. In 2020, Geoff ate 37.5 sloppers in eight minutes.

If you wanted to compete, unfortunately, registration is already full. However, you can sign up next year to try to steal Geoff Esper's green chile crown.

Where You Can Attend the Eating Competition

The 2023 World Slopper Eating Championship will be at the Colorado State Fair on Saturday, September 2nd.

The competition will be hosted at the Pepsi Stage.

Address: 1001 Beulah Ave, Pueblo, CO 81004.

For more information, head to Major League Eating's website HERE.

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