From the Aggie Theatre to Taste of Fort Collins to talented local acts, it's no secret that the Choice City has a thriving music scene.

What you may not know (or maybe you do) is that Fort Collins is home to an acclaimed recording studio called The Blasting Room.

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Bill Stevenson — a musician from punk rock bands like Descendents, Black Flag, ALL, and more — founded The Blasting Room in 1994 and chose Fort Collins because he "enjoyed the small town nature and sense of community" he couldn't find in Los Angeles.

"LA just got to be too much. We started thinking: well, where have we had fun on tour? Fort Collins rose to the top of the list quickly," Stevenson told Townsquare Media in 2019. "Fort Collins is a great place."

Today, he co-owns the 4,000-square-foot space with producer Jason Livermore. Located at 1760 Laporte Avenue, the studio provides recording, mixing, mastering, and restoration services for both local bands and national acts.

One of these national acts is Rise Against, who are regulars at The Blasting Room (you probably did know that, but we're adding them to today's list anyway). In fact, the band's connection with the studio has led them to frequent Fort Collins hotspots like Surfside 7, Big City Burrito, and more.

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