Americans care more about their careers more than the rest of the globe. US citizens work more thanmost major countries, making work-life balance less of a priority.

How Much Do Americans Work?


According to Zippia, the average Americanworks over 2,000 hours a year. To work that many hours, hopefully, you are passionate about some aspect of your job. Additionally, many of us work when we are off the clock. Lots of us email on our phones and work on projects in our free time.

Coloradans Work Harder Than the Majority of the Country


WalletHub revealed2023's Hardest-Working States in America, and Colorado ranked in the top 10. Coloradans are the 8th hardest workers in the nation. WalletHub analyzed insights such as work hours, unused paid time off, and commute times to calculate their results.

Some individuals could credit their hard work to rising costs in Colorado, and others could credit that they are deeply passionate about their work.

There areover 50,000 agricultural workers in Colorado. Many agricultural jobs require long hours, and a ton of work goes into farm labor.

Most Common Jobs in Colorado

USA Wage states that the most common job in the Centennial State is retail, counter workers, and registered nurses.

However, software development is the 10th most popular job in Colorado to highlight the growing tech industry in Colorado.

One of thelargest employers is JBS Foods in Greeley, Colorado. JBS USA has over 78,000 employees.

Why do you work long hours? Do you love what you do? Let us know by sending us a message on the app.

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