The folks at recently ranked all 50 states from best to worst according to the type of cuisine served in each one. Colorado did well and finished in the top ten. Restaurant diversity and high marks for the number of locally sourced foods helped our final score.

We finished 8th out of 50. Our score is pretty good, but not surprising to natives. Colorado may be the land of the Rockies, but it is also the land of the foodies. Oh, and the land of the microbrewers.

What is Colorado's Most Unique Food?

Colorado Green Chile made with Chiles from Pueblo, Colorado is probably the answer you will hear most on the Front Range. The western slope will tell you the best thing to ever come from Colorado is Palisade Peaches. Scroll on to check out all ten items below and decide for yourself.

What Foods Did Colorado Steal?

We're looking at you, Denver. Cowboys had been throwing everything into their eggs long before the mile-high city came to be. Yet what was once the western omelet is now the Denver omelet. A Denver omelet is usually made with ham and is often served with peppers. Omelets are omelets though. They are meant to be interchangeable so you can probably get one any way you want it.

Rocky Mountain Colorado Cheeseburgers

Louis E. Ballast marker in Denver, Colorado.
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Old Louise E Ballast said he trademarked the cheeseburger in his downtown Denver eatery in 1935. His trademark was on the name ‘Cheeseburger’ itself. The Humpty Dumpty Barrel Restaurant added a cheeseburger to its menu in March of that year and people loved it.

Circled in red is the granite marker identifying the site of the old restaurant (5th and Speer in Denver) and the introduction of America’s favorite burger. The location is now home to a bank.

10 Famous Foods that You Must Try in Colorado

If you're hungry for food made famous in the Centennial State you came to the right place. We're about to scroll through ten delicious dishes made famous right here in Colorado. Some of these items are now favorites all over the world, and others you can ONLY get right here at home.

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We asked you about your favorite food items that can be hard to find in Colorado. Tell us about something you love to eat that just isn't available in Colorado like it is in other places. Scroll on to find out what the Western Slope misses the most.

Welcome to Colorado: The History of Welcome Signs in the Centennial State

Colorado is surrounded by seven neighboring states with multiple highways that will lead you in and out from all sides. More than 40 Welcome to Colorful Colorado road signs are waiting to greet visitors. Scroll on to find out where they are and to get a glimpse of each of them.