It sure stinks when pests and insects find their way inside our homes in Colorado, especially when they bring their own stinky smells with them. This is the case for Colorado's Rough Stink Bug which is found throughout the state, including Grand Junction.

People say the stink bug smells like cooking herb cilantro. Others say it smells like rancid meat. What exactly is a Rough Stink Bug, and why does it smell so bad? Keep going to find out more about this interesting insect, and how to avoid bringing them into your home.

What is a Rough Stink Bug?

Rough Stink Bugs are common in Colorado. They like to hide in the background, but their stinky ways always attract attention. The Rough Stink Bug is an Arthropod. It will bite and can cause red bumpy bite marks on your skin.

Stink bugs love eating caterpillars and other soft slow-moving insects in Colorado. They spray a stinky mix of chemicals any time they find a safe place to stay. This chemical attracts more stink bugs to their location. Squish them and you'll get the same stinky release and probably more stink bugs.

They love sneaking inside your home in the winter and often stow away on your firewood to get inside.

These Plants Help Keep Stink Bugs Away

Plants like lavender, catnip, and garlic are all easy to keep in your garden, and they all help make the rough stink bug run the other way. Garfield Pest Control also says that stink bugs love the color white. From white flowers to a white car in your driveway, or white paint on the front door, you're just asking for them to stop by.

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