Western Colorado has been above 96 degrees for 22 straight days so far in July, and the extreme heat is making people a little testy. Sometimes the best thing we can do is vent by letting off some steam.

We asked you to finish the sentence, "I'm fed up with people in Grand Junction who do this..." Now it's your turn. What is something you are fed up with seeing people do around Grand Junction?

Colorado Summer Heat Frustrations

Anytime it's 105 outside, people can get a little cranky. This has happened to us twice in Grand Junction in July. It's bound to happen again before the end of summer. Admittedly, the little things that annoy us can inflate into big things when our comfort level drops down.

Colorado Drivers

One topic that was touched on the most was the way people drive. Grand Junction told us you are sick of people who can't merge onto the highway, use turn signals, or execute a turn onto a sidestreet without coming to an almost complete stop. You also told us you are tired of getting the old "number 1" just because you are obeying the speed limit.

People Who Were Not Born in Colorado

Natives of Colorado can't stand new residents from California. I'm sorry but that is NEVER going to change. I do feel for those who take heat for being from someplace else. Colorado has been a part of Mexico in the past. Colorado was also once part of Texas once. Colorado was a transplant territory before it ever joined the union. If someone is a good neighbor and is involved in the community in a positive way, that's all that matters.

Grand Junction, Colorado Is Fed Up With People Who Do These 20 Things

Maybe it's the mid-summer heat, but we noticed more Western Coloradans just seem to need to vent about a few things this week. We're happy to help by giving you the chance to blow off some steam. Keep going to see what's on people's nerves this week in Western Colorado. You may find someone is mentioning something you are fed up with as well.

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