If you've lived in Colorado long enough, you may remember when the entire state only had one area code, which was 303. Well, as the state's population has grown, experts estimate that all of the phone numbers with the 970 area code will be used up, which means Colorado will be getting a new area code in the near future.

It appears that the new area code has already been chosen, but the few people with that information have been sworn to secrecy.

Colorado's New Area Code is Top Secret

The 970 area code takes up quite a large section of the state of Colorado. Basically, anywhere north or west of the Denver metro area uses it including Grand Junction, the Vail Valley, and Fort Collins to name a few of the major cities.

It would seem that it would be inevitable that the phone numbers that use this area code will be all used up eventually, but experts suspect that this could happen as soon as 2026.

A similar situation took place back in 2020 when it was announced that both of the Denver area codes, 303 and 720, were just about used up but the newest 983 area code was kept secret between the announcement and its implementation.

Now, it would appear that new phone numbers across the 970 section of Colorado will be given a new area code, which has already been chosen. However, employees of the group that chooses these area codes, known as the North American Numbering Plan Administration or NANPA, apparently run the risk of losing their jobs if the new area code becomes public knowledge.

The last time Colorado was given a new area code, NANPA was inundated with requests for 420, but it would seem that the public has no influence on what the new three-digit code will be.

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