BLM Lands in Colorado make up over 8.3 million acres according to the Beauro of Land Management in Colorado. They contribute more than $8 billion dollars to the state economy and employ more than 41,000 people.

There are countless places to get out and enjoy nature located on BLM public lands in Colorado. Many of them are not far at all from Grand Junction and Montrose. While they are fun places to get out and explore, some BLM public lands could serve our state, and our nation in different ways.

Popular Colorado Destinations on BLM Lands

Western Colorado is home to the majority of public land managed by Colorado BLM. The Little Book Cliffs Wild Horse Range is on BLM land, and so is Dominguez Canyon. Dinosaur Hill in Fruita is on BLM Land. BLM land is also home to popular Colorado mining communities like Animas Forks, and if you have ever driven Colorado's incredible Alpine Loop Scenic Byway, you were exploring on BLM Land. Scroll on to see 20 awesome Colorado destinations that you may now have known are located on BLM Land.

Do you think Colorado should turn over public lands for the development of solar energy?
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Should BLM Lands Be Used to Develop Solar Energy?

A team from Arrgon National Labs working under the Energy Act of 2020 was in Grand Junction the week of February 9th to discuss selecting a portion of BLM public land to be dedicated for use in the development of solar energy. Our entire conversation about this can be found on demand on our station app. They are asking for the public's input in exploring if any of western Colorado's public lands could be used to increase the nation's solar output. Lands shaded in yellow below are BLM public lands that could be considered.

The areas shaded in yellow are managed by Colorado BLM.

Submit Your Comments to BLM

Public meetings have taken place in several states about BLM's Utility-Scale Solar Energy Programmatic EIS for Colorado. The public will have until February 28th, 2023 to comment.

  • Follow the project online:
    Click 'Participate Now' to make a comment once you are on the eplanning site.
  • Comment By Email:
  • Comment By Mail: Mail comments to Solar Energy PEIS Scoping, 1849 C Street NW, Washinton, DC 20006. You can scan the QR in the photo below for updates on this project. Comments submitted will likely appear in the public record.
How to comment about solar development on BLM land in western Colorado.

20 Amazing Colorado Destinations Located on BLM Public Lands

BLM Colorado manages almost 8.4 million acres of public lands in the Centennial State. These are the places we go hiking, mountain biking, camping, fishing, and enjoying a night out under the stars. Scroll on to check out 20 must-visit Colorado destinations on BLM lands in western Colorado.

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