If you've lived in Colorado long enough, there's a good chance you've been to the state's largest and most famous amusement park, Elitch Gardens. However, if you haven't keep scrolling for a preview of the park and a go-to guide on how to spend an awesome day trip there.

Spend a Fun Day Trip at Colorado's Elitch Gardens

Located in the heart of Denver right next to Ball Arena at 2000 Elitch Circle, Elitch Gardens has been a staple of Colorado for many years.

The park first opened as Elitch Gardens in 1900 at a different location but moved to its current location back in 1995 where it still sits on 65 acres of property.

Elitch Gardens, or "Elitch's" to the locals, has a number of roller coasters, thrill rides, family rides, and even a water park.

If you're going to try to hit all of the major rollercoasters in one fell swoop, it's recommended that you start at The Mind Eraser, head to the Boomerang after that, then to the Half Pipe, Twister II, and finally Sidewinder.

If any of these roller coasters sound familiar, it's likely because Twister II and Sidewinder have been operating since the park reopened in 1995, with the others opening shortly thereafter.

Another staple at Elitch Gardens that adrenaline junkies love is the Tower of Doom, but there are tamer rides for kids or anyone not looking to clench their teeth. These include, but are not limited to, Big Wheel, Carousel, and the Tea Cups.

Now that you know what awaits you at Elitch Gardens, check out some photos of all of the major rides and attractions:

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