We all have dreams of what we'd do if we were gifted a lot of money. Some people would buy a home, others would purchase a vehicle, and some of us would use the money to go on the vacation of a lifetime.

While living in Colorado is great, even residents of our beautiful state have dreams of hopping on a plane and going somewhere exotic, even if it's just temporary.

There's no denying that Colorado is one of the most beautiful places in the country if not the world, but there are some things you just don't get here. For example, if you love to surf, scuba dive, or even just lay on the beach and relax, you're pretty much out of luck in our beautiful, yet landlocked state.

In addition, if a person wanted to learn a language other than English by immersing themselves with people who speak it fluently, you're pretty limited in Colorado for that as well.

Curious, I posted a question on Facebook asking Colorado residents where they would visit if they were given an all-expenses paid 7-day vacation to anywhere in the world, and this is what they said.

Coloradans Would Visit these Places for Free

Many of the responses to my question listed locations many consider to be tropical paradises like Bora Bora, Aruba, and Tahiti. However, some responses didn't even take the hypothetical travelers out of the country but rather to places like Vermont and Florida's Key West.

Many of the Coloradans who responded chose European countries, as well as places like Japan, Canada, and others.

Keep scrolling to check out all of the places these Colorado residents would choose to visit for free:

Coloradoans Would Choose to Visit These Destinations for Free

According to you, if you won an all-expenses paid 7-day trip to anywhere in the world, this is where you’d go.

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