Colorado is a great place to live - or is it?

Nearly six million people call Colorado home. It's obviously a pretty popular place to live for plenty of reasons.

What Attracts People To Colorado?

One thing that attracts people to Colorado is the beauty of the snow-capped Rocky Mountains, the towering peaks, crystal blue lakes, winding canyon roads, and rolling rivers. It truly is a beautiful state, however, we all know that not every square mile of Colorado is etched with beauty.

Some people love Colorado for all of the wonderful outdoor activities it provides from camping and fishing to hunting, skiing, hiking, and mountain biking. If you love the outdoors you love Colorado.

Some People Don't Love Colorado, They Just Live Here

Of course, some people live in Colorado simply because they grew up here and have family roots and traditions here. They don't necessarily love everything about the state, but it's familiar and it is home.

What's Not To Love?

With plenty of reasons to love Colorado, we couldn't help but wonder if there were some reasons why someone might hate living in Colorado. So, we put the question out to our listeners to see what they said, and in the gallery below you can see some of their fiery responses. It's too cold, it's too liberal, it's too expensive - and the list goes on.

Personally, I have loved living in Colorado for over 40 years of my life, but, the reality is, I don't love everything about my home state. I doubt that anybody does. But, it's interesting how the things some people love about Colorado are the same things that others would hate about living in the centennial state.

20 Reasons Why People Hate Living In Colorado

By most accounts, Colorado is a great place to live, but can you think of any reasons why someone might hate living in Colorado? Scroll on to see the reasons our listeners gave us as to why someone in the world might hate living in colorful Colorado.

Don't Complain: 20 Compelling Reasons We're Lucky To Live in Colorado

They say the grass is greener on the other side of the fence - or at least it appears that way. It is so easy for people who have lived in Colorado a long time to lose sight of all the great things about Colorado. So, with that in my mind, I offer these 20 compelling reasons why we are so lucky to live in Colorado.