Today's question is more a matter of opinion than a matter of legal or illegal in Colorado. It may just come down to how Mama raised ya. Is it illegal to eat or drink things in the Grand Junction grocery store before you pay for them?

We've all seen someone open a bag of chips in the grocery store and start eating while they shop. Is this ok? Anyone who has ever shopped with a fussy toddler can't give them something to eat fast enough.

Is It Illegal in Colorado to Eat Something in a Grocery Store Before Paying?

In this instance, is opening food in the grocery store and eating it before you pay for it considered shoplifting? Here are two things to focus on when asking this question.

  • Taking possession of an item as offered 'for sale'.
  • The intent to deny the rightful owner (grocery store) by not paying for the item.

If you took the bag of chips with the intention of hiding from the cashier and eating them without paying, you are stealing. If you bring the half-eaten or empty bag to the counter and pay for them, you are fine.

The other important thing to note is if the store you are shopping in has a posted policy about opening food before paying for it. If so, you'll want to pay attention to that before they call the cops.

What About Drinking a Beverage in a Grocery Store Before Paying?

Some people frown upon this but it's generally accepted as long as the item being consumed is not sold by weight like produce. It's frowned upon more to walk around the store drinking something than it is to start drinking something when you are in line waiting to pay.

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