Summertime means lots of people out on the roads in Colorado exploring the Rocky Mountains. From Grand Junction to Denver, police will be keeping an eye out for the usual suspects. They'll also be looking for a few things you may not be aware of.

Keep going to check out five lesser-known Colorado driving laws that you may or may not have known about. From earbuds to tailgates, we've got you covered for your summer road trip.

You Can Only Wear Earbuds in One Ear

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If you happen to be wearing earbuds in both ears you can get pulled over in Colorado, and it could mean a Class B Infraction. This could cost anywhere from $15 to $100. Tap this link for more on headphones and driving in Colorado.

Lane Splitting Is Illegal in Colorado

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Lane splitting is a term used for a motorcycle (or bicycle) that is using the space between cars as if it was its own lane for traffic. Lane Splitting in Colorado is against the law and is a Class A or B infraction. The ticket could cost you up to $100.

Turning Left at a Red Light

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In some instances, it is perfectly ok to turn left at a red light in Colorado. In most cases, this is because you are turning left onto a one-way street. Unless there are signs saying it is not allowed you are able to turn left on red onto a one-way street.

Riding in a Pick Up Truck Bed in Colorado

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Yeehaw! Riding in the truck bed of your friend's pickup truck is perfectly legal as long as the person riding in the truck bed is 16 years old or older. You must also make sure the tailgate is up and secure otherwise you are endangering your passenger. In Colorado, anyone 15 or younger must be in the truck with a seatbelt on.

You Can Get a DUI on a Bike in Colorado

5 Colorado Traffic Laws You May Never Have Heard Of Before.
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Sorry, I can't help but snicker at this one. Yup, a DUI can be issued for someone operating a car, a motorcycle, and even a bicycle. This can be found in Colorado's DUI statute under C.R.S. § 42-4-1301. If your blood alcohol level is over the legal limit it really doesn't matter what you are trying to operate. It's just not safe.

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