The US Geological Survey has officially given names to 81 different waterfalls in the state of Colorado, There are several that remain unnamed, and even a few only the locals know about.

Colorado is blessed with waterfalls on the Front Range and the Western Slope. Communities like Ouray and Telluride offer multiple waterfalls you can see in one day. Longer weekends in places like Rocky Mountain National Park offer the chance to see 10 different waterfalls in one place. So, which one is the best?

Where are Colorado's Waterfalls?

Larimer County, Colorado is home to the largest concentration of waterfalls with 14 in the state. Boulder County has 10. Garfield County is home to 6 waterfalls. Ouray and San Miguel County both have 3

Colorado's Highest-Elevated Waterfall

The top of Columbine Falls inside Rocky Mountain National Park is at an elevation of 11,486 feet making this the waterfall with the highest elevation in Colorado. In second place is Macey Falls in Custer County at 11,329 feet.

Colorado's Most Amazing Waterfall

The most amazing waterfall in Colorado has to go to the largest falls in the state. That would be the 365-foot Bridal Veil Falls near Telluride, Colorado. Bridal Veil Falls are a sight to behold each spring as snowmelt comes down with such force that the waterfall is breathtaking to behold.

The falls offer visitors a chance to hike to the top. While this is not a route for beginners it is a very cool feature that comes with visiting Telluride. The falls are a great place for photos. You'll see people getting married near the waterfall and some who even hike up beyond Bridal Veil Falls, and to the Blue Lakes beyond at nearly 12,000 feet.

Keep going to learn 11 cool facts about Colorado's must-see waterfall.

Where is the Most Amazing Waterfall Everyone Should Visit in Colorado?

The US Geological Survey has officially given names to 81 different waterfalls in Colorado. The best time of year to tour Colorado's waterfalls may be in the mid to late spring when snowmelt really gets the water moving over the falls. Scroll on to learn more about Colorado's most amazing waterfall located outside of the city of Telluride.

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Hiking No Thoroughfare Canyon in the Colorado National Monument is a great way to enjoy a spring hike early in the season before the streams dry up. This can be an easy 2-mile hike to the first pool or a moderate hike to the top of the canyon and waterfall number three.