Believe it or not, up until last year there was an impressive mushroom farm that operated in southern Colorado for over thirty years. Unfortunately, the mushroom farm was forced to close its doors for good in 2022, but if you keep scrolling you can check out what The Colorado Mushroom Farm was once like.

What Was the Colorado Mushroom Farm?

The Colorado Mushroom Farm first opened its doors in 1985 and produced millions of mushrooms that were sold to grocery stores and restaurants for consumption.

The farm was responsible for these mushrooms from being nothing but spores, all the way until they were ready to be picked, packaged, and shipped out.

The former owner of the farm, Baljit Nanda, employed as many as 260 employees at a time to accomplish the amazing feat of producing all of these edible mushrooms.

Unfortunately, as with many businesses, The Colorado Mushroom Farm was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic but despite facing adversity, still produced about four million pounds of product per year. Following restrictions being eased up, the farm went back to producing closer to its average of six million pounds of mushrooms per year.

However, the damage appeared to have already been done.

What Happened to the Colorado Mushroom Farm?

Unfortunately, the Colorado Mushroom Farm was found to have owed over $500,000 in delinquent taxes and a lawsuit was filed by the federal government for a figure of over $100,000 that was said to be owed to the USDA's Mushroom Council.

Keep scrolling to check out what the Colorado Mushroom Farm was like before going out of business:

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