When you run to the grocery store in Grand Junction, how do you prefer to park? Do you park the regular way or by backing into the parking spot? It's known as 'reverse parking' This method allows the driver to pull forward out of the parking space instead of backing out in reverse.

More Colorado drivers seem to be using this parking method more often today, and it's not just people in pickup trucks. One way or the other, you have to back up. You can either back into the parking spot or back out of it when you depart.

Backing In Is Safer These Days

Reverse cameras have made reverse parking easier.
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Did you know the American Automobile Association (AAA) recommends backing into a parking space whenever possible? Be sure to make note of any posted signs in a parking lot that may not allow this for whatever reason. One exception to this would be when you approach an angled parking space. Drivers should pull forward into these spaces without interrupting the flow of traffic.

Colorado Weather and Parking

Colorado drivers love reverse parking.
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Colorado drivers who back into spaces know this can make getting out of the space a lot easier on a snowy day. Instead of backing out of a parking space and stopping, you can simply put your vehicle in drive and keep going. Avoiding a full stop on snow or ice-covered pavement can go a long way if your car doesn't do so great in these conditions.

Easier Access for Roadside Assistance

Reverse parking engine access.
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Backing into a spot can make roadside assistance much easier. Cold winter temps can kill a battery pretty quickly if you leave your lights on. Someone can pull right up to your car to help with a jump or re-inflate a tire much quicker when you park in reverse. Tow trucks will have an easier time helping you as well.

While there may not be a noticeable statistic that shows reverse parking is preferred in Colorado, these factors make it worth trying under the right conditions.

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