If you've lived in Colorado for long enough, you've probably had at least one scary experience driving through the snow. Actually, the longer you've lived here, the more likely it is that you have several of these stories to tell.

While Colorado is a beautiful place year-round, tourists are seen much more often visiting the state in the winter to go skiing or snowboarding, and it goes without saying that if there's a lot of snow on the mountain, there just might be snow on the roads as well.

In addition, many of the highways that lead to these ski resorts can be especially treacherous in the wintertime and often have steep grades which complicated things even further.

Curious, I posted a question on Facebook asking Colorado residents what the scariest experience they'd ever had driving in the snow in the state was, and this is what they said.

Colorado Residents Recall Scary Experiences Driving in the Snow

Many of the responses to my question named specific places where these scary experiences took place and the one mentioned the most was the infamous Red Mountain Pass.

Other notoriously scary passes in the winter that were mentioned include Monarch Pass, Douglass Pass, and even Vail Pass.

These stories talk about sliding off the road which, depending on where you are, can be anything from a moderate inconvenience to a fatal mistake.

There's no question about it, driving in a snowstorm in Colorado is never fun, but it can be extremely scary and even dangerous given the right circumstances.

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