Wildlife encounters happen all the time in Colorado. If you live in the mountains, there's a good chance you've seen deer, elk, or maybe even a bear pass through your yard unannounced.

However, a recent wildlife encounter saw a much different type of animal pass through a suburban neighborhood. Keep scrolling to learn about the giant snapping turtle that cruised around the Colorado suburbs last week.

Giant Snapping Turtle Cruises Around Colorado Neighborhood

This past Thursday, June 15, 2023, residents of West 73rd Avenue in Westminster, Colorado, were greeted by an unlikely visitor.

Google Maps
Google Maps

One resident of the area found the giant snapping turtle in her driveway and upon discovering it, called the Westminster Police Department. After arriving on the scene, the officer decided to leave the turtle alone but later received another call from two doors down, reporting that the turtle had mosied into their driveway.

Following this little galavant from house to house, officers decided to relocate the turtle after all, especially after realizing what the turtle was up to.

As it turns out, the turtle was a pregnant female and was out and about searching for a good spot to lay her eggs. Upon realizing this, the Westminster Police officer moved the reptile to a park across the street.

The Westminster Police Department also posted about the unique situation on their Facebook page, along with numerous photos of the new friend they had met this past Thursday:

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