There's nothing wrong with Coloradans dining out, every now and then. It can be fun, trying new foods, enjoying someone's or several others' company, or just getting out of the house.

It can also be convenient: Quick and easy. Why slave away in the kitchen, when you can just pop over to a fast food joint? Which places do Coloradans seek out the most?


A 2023 study by the folks at, which covers the pricing of over one million businesses, over two million locations, and over 135 million items, took a look at each state's dining-out searches.

That study found that out of all the U.S. states, Colorado takes the top spot when it comes to searches regarding "dining out."

Colorado residents top the list of states that enjoy dining out with an average of 74,795 searches per 100,000 residents each month for dining-related terms.


RELATED: NEW ROCK-THEMED RESTAURANT HITS THE STAGE IN COLORADO's study also determined what restaurants Coloradans are doing searches for the most. It does seem odd that we'd be having to search for these particular places, but that's what the data showed.


  • #3 -- Taco BellThere were 85,333 average monthly searches about Taco Bell per 100,000 Coloradans. What could we be searching for about Taco Bell?
  • #2 -- McDonald's. There were 100,531 average monthly searches about McDonald's per 100,000 Coloradans. Do we not know everything there is to know about McDonald's by now?
  • #1 - With 109,490  average monthly searches per 100,000 Coloradans, STARBUCKS takes the top spot. Starbucks? Are we really searching about dining at Starbucks? That just seems crazy.

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