Skate park or skatepark? Both are correct according to Wikipedia.

My boys have gotten really into skateboarding, so we spend a lot of time at skateparks. One of our favorites has become Northside Aztlan Skatepark at 112 E Willow Street, directly north of the Northside Aztlan Community Center.

We were actually cautioned by a few locals against the "rough" nature of this park. So far, we have not seen it. The park has a much more urban feel than the others we've visited which is awesome. The skill level of the regular skateboarders here is incredible to watch. I do a lot of watching.

The park has a very different vibe including another awesome Art in Public Places project by the City of Fort Collins called the "Concrete Monster". The mural is the work of local artist Amanda Marie Ploegsma.

According to the Art in Public Places webpage, "artist Amanda Marie Ploegsma invited the skateboard community to help with the mural design selection and execution. "Concrete Monster" was a result of everybody coming together to work with the artist on this unique mural for the skateboard community to enjoy."


My boys like this park for the flow. There are a ton of different obstacle options. The City of Fort Collins included a "smaller version of the famous 'China Bank."

There is a large skateboarding scene happening in Northern Colorado. Fort Collins has multiple skateparks, shops, and even a skateboarding school. Have you heard about Launch?

Launch is a non-profit organization and I have nothing but great things to say about them. They describe their mission as a place "fostering a culture of creativity and self-expression to skateboarders throughout northern Colorado. We promote active physical engagement and hands-on learning experiences, giving participants the opportunity to develop essential life skills, to evolve into leaders, and to develop effective solutions for their communities."

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