It can be surprising to discover just how many wonderful places there are in the state of Colorado. Sure, we all know about Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater, Garden of the Gods, and Pike's Peak, but there are plenty of great places to check out the beauty of nature right in the middle of town.

This particular town, or city as it were, is Denver, and today we're going to look at the beautiful and amazing Denver Botanic Gardens.

Take a Relaxing Day Trip to Denver Colorado's Botanic Gardens

Founded in 1951, Denver Botanic Gardens makes up 24 of the most beautiful acres that downtown Denver has to offer. You'll find Denver Botanic Gardens in the heart of downtown Denver at 1007 York Street near Cheesman Park.

Denver Botanic Gardens makes up North America's largest collection of plants from cold-tempered climates with many of these plants originating right here in the state of Colorado as well as surrounding states.

The gardens earned landmark status in 1971 and are known for housing the first-ever xeriscape which was constructed in 1986.

The gardens also host a variety of events like summer concerts, a Christmas festival, and bring in touring art exhibits to accompany the many permanent art pieces around the acreage.

In the gardens, you'll find over 50 distinct gardens which include Japanese, South African, and countless other varieties.

There's nothing quite like Denver Botanic Gardens, in Colorado, or elsewhere, so while you're thinking about when your next trip should be, you can take a virtual tour here:

Explore Denver Colorado's Botanic Gardens on a Relaxing Day Trip

The Denver Botanic Gardens are wonderful for enjoying a relaxing day trip.

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