Colorado has numerous places that are famously haunted like the Stanley Hotel and Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs. However, another old building that has been around since the 1920s is allegedly full of paranormal activity.

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Denver Press Club: A Historic and Haunted Building in Colorado

The Denver Press Club was founded in 1867, making it the oldest press club in the United States, but it wasn't until 1925 that it would move into 1330 Glenarm Place in the heart of downtown Denver, where it remains to this day.

There have been numerous tales of paranormal activity taking place in the building over the years and according to longtime member Dick Nosbisch, "Yes, this place is haunted. For sure."

Nosbisch, a photographer, had his first paranormal encounter in the building one night alone in the club. He attempted to take a photo of the fireplace but claims that his flash didn't go off. He was then immediately joined by the spirit of a woman in a flowered dress. Later on, Nosbisch brought a psychic to the club who remarked that there were actually three women haunting the building and that the one caught on camera liked to party.

Back in 1996 psychics confirmed even more spirits were hanging around in the historic club and that some were engaged in a "phantom poker game" while one spirit stood guard at the door.

This psychic also spoke of the ghost of a woman being present in the club who had been murdered 25 years earlier.

The manager of the club, Tom Foutch, says that he's heard ghostly footsteps walking around when no one else was in the club, as well as doors slamming, and the sounds of fists banging on the door as if to say "get out."

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