Summer is in full swing in Colorado, which means the hot days are spent searching for places to cool off. Whether at the neighborhood pool or an alpine lake, a recent study shows that Coloradans are some of the most eager to take up swimming as a hobby.

The online fitness resource Total Shape analyzed several different factors in order to determine the states where residents are most interested in taking the plunge and learning how to swim.

To get their results, the team of researchers looked at Google search volume data for each US state over the past 12 months for specific phrases such as ‘swimming pool near me’ and ‘swimming lessons near me.’

Raphaël Biscaldi/Unsplash
Raphaël Biscaldi/Unsplash

The study revealed that Colorado is one of the places where residents are most interested in learning how to swim. Coming in at No. 4 in the rankings, Colorado has an estimated 209.28 monthly swimming-related searches per 100K population (based on an overall population of 5,839,926 people.)

According to the results, citizens living in Washington have the most interest in learning to swim. Apparently, people in Montana are the least concerned when it comes to getting instructions on how to stay afloat in the water, with only about 90 searches per 100K people.

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