My girlfriend, Kami, is a DoorDash driver in northern Colorado. She recently told me that she worked four hours and only made $25.

Her biggest complaint is the cell service in the area. She said that she is often scrambling to figure out where to go and how to complete her orders because her cell phone loses service.

I know that Kami is not the only DoorDash driver who struggles with cell service in northern Colorado. I don't deliver any goods, but I find myself struggling to use my phone in Northern Colorado.


The cell service in northern Colorado is not great. There are many areas where it is spotty or nonexistent. This can be a major problem for DoorDash drivers, who rely on their cell phones to communicate with customers and restaurants.

CBS called the lack of good cell signal dangerous.

For more than a decade residents and visitors to Fort Collins have been complaining of insufficient cellphone service in the major Colorado city, and now some local public officials are calling the lack of coverage a threat to public safety.

There are a few things that DoorDash drivers can do to try to improve their cell service. First, they can try to stay in areas with good reception. This may mean avoiding rural areas and sticking to major highways and city streets.

Second, they can use a GPS app that works offline. This will allow them to navigate even if they lose cell service.

Finally, they can carry a backup cell phone that has a different carrier. This way, they will have a backup plan if their main phone loses service.

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