In an effort to continue to keep the streets of Fort Collins safe for the many motorists who travel on them each day, the town will soon be expanding its red light camera enforcement program.

In the coming weeks, two additional Fort Collins intersections will have red light cameras installed. The expansion intersections are South Shields Street at West Harmony Road and South Lemay Avenue at East Drake Road. Currently, these intersections are in various stages of construction, and completion timeframes are subject to change.

The new locations were chosen after a review of historical data, specifically, the number of traffic crashes and traffic volume at each location.

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Google Maps

Once operational, these intersections will complement the current red-light camera enforcement at the intersections of South College Avenue at Drake Road, East Harmony Road at South Timberline Road, West Mulberry Street at South Shields Street, and West Prospect Road at South Shields Street.

These cameras are meant to reduce red-light violations and improve traffic safety in Fort Collins. Camera radar and red light tickets are issued by Fort Collins Police Services.

According to Fort Collins Police, on or after October 25, 2023, a 30-day, warning-only period will begin whereby violations detected by the red light cameras will generate a warning notice. Warning notices will be sent via mail to the registered owner’s address. After the 30-day warning period, the system will issue citations with fines. Red light violations are civil infractions that result in a $75 fine and zero points against one’s driver’s license.

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