Have you ever wondered what the most expensive neighborhoods in Grand Junction, Colorado are? Today we're going to take a look at the top 10 most expensive.

Our ranked list of neighborhoods comes from the median value of homes, the average rent cost for the market, and other attractions that are a part of each neighborhood. Grand Junction's  Independence Ranch has a median listing home price of $1.2M and is one of the area's most expensive.

What are Grand Junction's Most Expensive Neighborhoods?

Grand Junction is Colorado's largest community on the Western Slope and the 15th largest overall. Our ever-growing community stands at 34 neighborhoods according to Neighborhood Scout.

Which Factors Ranked Grand Junction's Neighborhoods?

Sites like Neighborhood Scout can be great for looking up information before a move or to determine which area of town may be your best fit. The list below was ranked with the following factors:

  • Median home values
  • Housing market details
  • Average market rent
  • Homeownership percentages
  • The look and feel of neighborhoods

See Each Grand Junction Location

We will work out way from the 10th most expensive all the way to number one in the photo gallery below. The maps below will help show the location of each neighborhood in Grand Junction, along with photos of each one.

The 10 Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Grand Junction

Did you know that Grand Junction is home to 22 different neighborhoods? We're taking a look at the ten most expensive ones according to real estate prices and the average rental cost. Which neighborhood do you think is at the top of the list? Scroll on to find out.

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