Have you been looking at license plates on your commute lately? Sometimes it feels like I see more out-of-state plates than Colorado plates.

Sure, many of the cars are rentals and tourists, but one thing that Coloradans can't deny is that we are growing rapidly. In the past decade, Colorado welcomed over 750,000 new residents.

So where are all of the implants coming from? Stacker took a look at the latest U.S. Census Bureau and crunched down the numbers, so you don’t have to count the out-of-state license plates. 

5. Illinois

Welcome to Illinois Sign

People in Illinois are looking to upgrade their lives. Many Illinoisians are moving to Colorado for a career change, a lifestyle change, or retirement.

4. Arizona

Arizona Desert

Arizona is known for being a snowbird state. Millions of Americans flock to Arizona in the winter months to avoid snow or cold temperatures. My girlfriend's grandparents are snowbirds and they let me know that when Arizona reaches over 115 degrees, they flock back north.

Arizona residents are leaving due to overpopulation and home prices.

3. Florida

Florida Palm Trees

For the past 50 years, millions have moved to Florida for the climate and affordability. Florida can't keep up with the demand. CBS called Florida the least affordable place to live in the nation. The high cost and insurance prices due to natural disasters are forcing Floridians to move to states like Colorado.

2. California

Los angeles

I'm going to be honest, I moved to Colorado from California. Before you throw tomatoes at me, just know I have wanted to live in Colorado for a very long time. When I first moved to Colorado I wanted to hide my California license plates on my car. Half a million people have left California in the past two years mainly due to the cost of living.

1. Texas

Texas Map

If you have been seeing a ton of Texas license plates around Colorado, it is not a coincidence. Although millions of people from California are moving to Texas yearly, many Texans are packing their bags and heading to Colorado. The top reason why Texans are moving to the Centennial State is for retirement, job opportunities, and lifestyle.

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