Colorado will be one of five states where employees of In-N-Out Burger will be barred from wearing masks while on the job. According to KDVR, unless employees have a note from a doctor, masks will be a thing of the past at this California-based burger chain in the state of Colorado.

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A memo from In-N-Out states that new guidelines prioritizing customer service with a smile will push out the masks for employees. In-N-Out's new policy says it will help promote clear and effective communication with both customers and associates.

Medical Note Required for In-N-Out Employees to Wear a Mask

In-N-Out says that associates who need to wear a mask will have to obtain a doctor's note for continued use of a mask while working at In-N-Out. If these employees with a note need to wear a mask while on the clock, In-N-Out will provide associates with N-95 medical masks.

The medical note will not have to provide a diagnosis of the medical condition for continued use of a mask by In-N-Out employees while on the clock. These doctor's notes will need to be provided to a store manager, Divisional Manager, Manager, or Human Resources.

Which In-N-Out Employees Are Barred From Wearing Masks?

Not all In-N-Out employees will be barred from wearing masks while in the restaurant. This reverse mask mandate of sorts exempts associates who wear protective gear as part of their job duties. Those positions include Patty Room Associates, Lab Technicians, and Painters.


The new no-mask policy for In-N-Out will affect four other states outside of Colorado. Those states include Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and Texas. In-N-Out's new mask policy will be effective as of August 14, 2023.

See the new policy in full below:

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