Those who live in Colorado love the outdoors, the mountains, the Broncos, craft beers, and (like most people) love to laugh.

With all the people that live in the Centennial State, there must be a varied amount of "absolute favorite" kind of comedy; they've tracked down our three favorite. You may agree, you may disagree; but we can all agree that comedy is fun.

Do you chuckle? Do you give a great belly laugh? Do you laugh so hard that you snort? Laughter is great for the spirit; we should enjoy our favorite comedies more.

The gang at dug into Google Trends and search volume to find out what every state's favorite kind of joke. Would you believe they measured for more than 20 different kinds?

From Dad jokes to toilet humor


Colorado's Third Favorite Kind of Joke

Of the top three favorite kinds of jokes that Coloradans love, "One-Liner" jokes comes in at #3.

One-liners are similar to Dad jokes, in the fact that they're short. One-liners, however are used by stand-up comics mostly.

Colorado's Second Favorite Kind of Joke

Coming in second on the list of the ways Coloradans love to laugh is "Dad Jokes." Dads love telling the jokes, we love rolling our eyes and chuckling at the jokes.

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What is Wyoming's Favorite Kind of Joke

According to, Wyomites love a good knock-knock joke.

Colorado's Favorite Kind of Joke found that we in Colorado are huge fans of "Slapstick." Slapstick dates back to the days of Charlie Chaplin, with exaggerated physical activity that exceeds the boundaries of normal physical comedy.

Today's age of slapstick would include the great Jim Carrey as Ace Ventura:

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Gallery Credit: Emily Mashak

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