The Spring Equinox is right around the corner in Colorado as our last day of winter will be Monday, March 18th, 2024. Coloradans know that the first day of spring doesn't always mean the end of freezing overnight temps or frost.

When can Colorado expect its final frost of the season? Keep going to see what the National Weather Service and the Old Farmer's Almanac have to say about the final frost of the season in the Centennial State.

Colorado's Average Final Spring Freeze

A community's final freeze and frost of the season has much to do with the area's elevation. Lower elevations in Eastern and Western Colorado will see the final freeze of the season during April.

Higher elevations can take an additional six weeks before the final freeze of the season occurs. Areas like Grand Junction, Delta, and Montrose will see the final freeze of the year around April 20th. On the Front Range, Denver and Colorado Springs usually see the final freeze of the season the first week of May.

Colorado's Average Final Spring Frost

Frost is predicted when air temperature dips to 32°F. The final frost of the season occurs first in Colorado's lowest elevations by early May. Higher elevations in the San Juan Mountains will take until June before seeing their final frost, with the highest portions of the Rocky Mountains taking until July before a final frost date comes around. Tap this link for a recap of spring frost and freeze dates from the National Weather Service.

  • Average Final Frost in Denver: May 21 to May 31
  • Average Final Frost in Fort Collins: May 21 to May 31
  • Average Final Frost in Colorado Springs: May 21 to May 31
  • Average Final Frost in Pueblo: May 11 to May 20
  • Average Final Frost in Crested Butte: July 1 to July 7
  • Average Final Frost in Aspen: June 16 to June 23
  • Average Final Frost in Montrose: May 10 to May 17
  • Average Final Frost in Delta: May 10 to May 17
  • Average Final Frost in Grand Junction: May 1 to May 10

Last Frost In Mesa County

Mesa, Delta, and Montrose counties are usually some of the first places in Western Colorado to say goodbye to winter. The final freeze usually occurs in late April, and the final frost is out of the way by the middle of May. Keep your eye on the swan on the Grand Mesa to know when it's officially time for spring gardening.

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