It's always sad to hear about a beloved business, tradition, or various other types of attractions announcing their permanent closure, and it seems like it's happening quite a bit lately.

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Unfortunately, one Colorado tradition that made for fun times, good food, and fond memories will not be taking place this year, and it's possible that after numerous decades, may not return at all.

What Was Estes Park Colorado's Lazy B Chuckwagon and Show?

The tradition, known as the Lazy B Chuckwagon and Show, was a summertime staple in the picturesque mountain town of Estes Park since the 1960s. In essence, patrons would purchase tickets to be treated to live cowboy music and an authentic cowboy supper.

Most recently, the events were held just south of Estes Park at the Dao House, but the struggles faced by the most recent proprietor of the tradition ended up being too much, resulting in its cancellation.

What Happened to the Colorado Cowboy Tradition?

For the past seven years, the Lazy B Chuckwagon was owned and operated by husband and wife Quentin and Roxanne Wedan. However, according to Quentin, the owners experienced trouble renewing the lease at the Dao House and an even bigger headache in finding a new local venue.

Under the ownership of the Wedans, the events served an estimated 35,000 authentic cowboy suppers accompanied by over 350 live shows.

Unfortunately, there won't be any cowboy suppers served by the Lazy B this summer but hopefully these setbacks won't prove to be the final nails in the coffin of a beloved decades-long family tradition.

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