If you frequently scroll through real estate listings across the state of Colorado, you're bound to stumble upon some very unique properties for sale.

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One of these listings features a beautiful home high in the mountains just outside of Estes Park, Colorado and its geographical location is especially attractive to those who enjoy rock climbing.

Estes Park Colorado Home is a Rock Climber's Dream

Located at 1527 Devil's Gulch Road in Estes Park, the property consists of a gorgeous four-bedroom home, a basement with separate access, as well as another building that is licensed as a rental unit all on a 14-acre lot.

In addition to the four bedrooms, the property has 3.5 bathrooms, a spacious backyard, and is currently listed for $1.48 million.

While it was built in 2001, the interior of the home is nothing short of modern luxury with updated appliances and furniture, as well as large windows throughout to take in the surrounding scenery.

However, one of the most notable things about this listing is its proximity to the beautiful Lumpy Ridge rock formations. Not only is Lumpy Ridge located literally in the home's backyard, but there are also three bolted climbing routes already installed in the rocks.

In addition, the main home's basement even has a miniature climbing wall, as well as plenty of room for whatever additional activities the homeowner wishes to implement.

The separate rental house is significantly smaller than the main house, but upon entering it becomes quickly apparent that the home was designed to be spacious and comfortable.

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