When you picture sirens blaring through a city's streets, it's usually a sign of an impending nuclear apocalypse or a warning of an incoming attack from a foreign force, and both of these scenarios are typically found in movies.

However, one small town in Colorado will soon be interrupted on a regular basis by similar sirens and for a much less cinematic, but nonetheless important reason.

Georgetown Colorado will Blare Sirens in the Near Future

Yes, you read that right. The small, historic mining town of Georgetown, Colorado known for its fantastic views of Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep as well as, perhaps ironically, the setting for the Ben Affleck horror flick 'Phantoms,' will soon be subject to the blaring of sirens.

Why Will Sirens Be Blaring in Georgetown Colorado?

The sirens were actually implemented a while ago for the purpose of warning Georgetown residents of an emergency regarding the dams that hold a massive amount of water in the land above the town itself.

There are a total of four sirens placed throughout the area and is deemed necessary to give residents enough time to evacuate in case of a breakage in order to avoid the massive flooding that would inevitably take place.

When Will Sirens Blare in Georgetown Colorado?

Beginning on March 6, 2024, at 10 a.m., the sirens will begin what will become a monthly test which will emit the following message:

"Attention! This is a test of the dam failure warning system. This is only a test. If this was an actual emergency you would receive instructions. This is only a test."

This message will be followed by a 30-second siren blare, and another short message will follow.

It's unclear how probable a failure of the town's dams might be, but members of the community feel that the periodic annoyance will be well worth it.

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