There are a number of food items that Colorado is known for. Of course, there's the famous Denver Omelette, Beau Jo's unique and tasty pizza offerings, and let's not forget the strangest and arguably most famous dish with roots in the Centennial State, Rocky Mountain Oysters.

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If you ask any students of basic geography, they will probably be pretty confident in telling you that Colorado is a landlocked state. While there are plenty of offerings of sea creatures like trout, bass, and even crawdads in Colorado's freshwater rivers and lakes, it's pretty unlikely that you'll find yourself catching any type of oysters in any part of the state.

Naturally, because of this, Rocky Mountain Oysters are unique in that they don't come from the water at all, but are rather a dish made up of bull testicles, and one of the most popular restaurants in the state that specializes in the odd Colorado staple greets curious customers with an appropriate amount of humor.

Popular Colorado Rocky Mountain Oyster Restaurant + its Raucous Humor

If you find yourself on a quest for Rocky Mountain Oysters in Colorado, one of the best places in the state to try them is located in Severance; a place called Bruce's Bar and Restaurant.

Located at 123 1st Street, Bruce's is instantly recognizable in the small Colorado town by the whimsical murals painted on its exterior walls.

Outside, patrons will see paintings of cartoon bulls in protest, carrying signs reading things like, "Not Fair," "Still Got Mine," and "You Don't Even Know How Unfair."

Bruce's is well-known for its signature Rocky Mountain Oysters and while you're planning your next trip to try out the interesting Colorado dish, keep scrolling to take a quick tour of the world-famous restaurant and some of the hilarious murals painted outside:

Popular Restaurant Serves Odd Colorado Dish with Humor

Rocky Mountain Oysters are arguably the oddest meal that Colorado is known for, and one of the most popular places to get them greets customers with humor.

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