My kids, like most, have a sweet tooth. Not so much for cakes or pies, but mainly for candy. We recently made a trip to visit the newest candy store in Ouray. We were pleasantly surprised at what we found there.

The girls like gummy candies and those slimy-gooey sweets too. At Sweet Ouray, we found a shelf devoted to slimy-gooey sweets and another shelf full of gummy candies. We’ve seen gummy sushi before, but until this trip, I’d never seen or even heard of, gummy mac n cheese, gummy tacos, or gummy band-aids. Sweet Ouray had a selection of many of the candies I liked as a kid. When was the last time you had a piece of Clove chewing gum, or a Zotz? How about a Charleston Chew or even a Moon Pie? One of my co-workers likes Necco wafers, and they have those too.

Not to mention an entire section of cotton candy, including pickle-flavored cotton candy. We tried it, and let's just say it's not our favorite flavor.

Have you ever tried pickle-flavored cotton candy? Let's just say it's not my favorite.
Bee Haddock

Kids can get their fill of their favorite sweets, and parents can enjoy the candies from their childhood too. While you’re in Ouray, you can also take a dip in the Ouray Hot Springs Pool, visit some of their unique shops, like the Gator Emporium, or have lunch at one of their great restaurants.

Whatever you do, you’re sure to have a sweet time in Ouray.

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