If you're from Western Colorado, or even if you've lived here for quite a while, there's still a chance that you're not totally familiar with one of the most beautiful areas not just in the state, but some would argue, the world.

Sure, you've probably heard the name Meeker, Colorado before, but that may be limited to the sign on I-70 that reads "Rifle Meeker," which was the case for me for quite some time.

Or, if you're a Colorado history buff, you may be familiar with the incident involving Nathan Meeker that inspired the town's name.

However, there is so much more to the area than a good chunk of people even realize.

Keep scrolling to see some gorgeous photos of the absolutely stunning Meeker Colorado.

Meeker Colorado is One of the Most Beautiful Places

Meeker, Colorado sits high up in the Colorado mountains north of Rifle in Rio Blanco County, which is Spanish for 'White River,' one of many natural wonders of the area.

As of 2010, Meeker's population was just over 2,400 people making it the most populated town in the aforementioned county.

Perhaps the citizens of Meeker are just really good at keeping secrets, as you may be surprised to find out that the area is home to a 57-acre mountain bike park, 100 miles of fishable rivers and streams, over 100 lakes and ponds, as well as off-roading trails, camping, and some of the most beautiful fall color drives you'll ever encounter.

Take a virtual tour of the area that surrounds Meeker, Colorado, and get ready to be blown away:

Meeker Colorado is One of the Most Beautiful Places on Earth

The areas surrounding Meeker, Colorado are where you’ll find some of the most beautiful scenery on the face of the earth.

Gallery Credit: Nate Wilde

Beautiful Fall Color Photos from Around Colorado

You don't need to travel to New England to see amazing fall colors. Just drive around Colorado's mountain roads and you'll experience the brilliant glow of Aspen trees sometimes backlit by a blanket of snow.

Fall colors normally peak around the end of September through the first weeks of October.

Grab your loved ones, a picnic basket, and your phone to take in the amazing fall colors around Colorado.

Fabulous Late Fall Colors In Western Colorado

We are well past the color peak in Colorado, but, it's been an especially mild fall so far giving us some cool colors late in the season. Maybe you didn't get a chance to get out this year and see the changing leaves, but you are in luck. In the images below, captured recently, we are going to take you to some places in western Colorado to see some of the incredible late-season colors.

Gallery Credit: Zane Mathews