Make sure to keep your head on a swivel and keep your pets inside at night in Northern Colorado. A mountain lion was spotted on a Ring Camera recently, and Northern Colorado is concerned.

If you remember, in 2019, a man was viciously attacked by a mountain lion. Miraculously, he survived and even killed the mountain lion.

Most people, definitely including myself, would not be able to defend themselves against a mountain lion. There were 127 mountain lion attacks across America last year, and we want to make sure that you are not a part of that statistic.

Where The Mountain Lion Was Seen

Credit: neighbors.ring, user: "Neighbor"
Credit: neighbors.ring, User: "Neighbor"

A Reddit user posted on r/FortCollins and reported the mountain light sighting. The footage, caught on a Ring Doorbell Camera is shocking.

Users said that the mountain lion was seen in southeast Fort Collins by Collindale Golf Course. This was close to the Golden Meadows neighborhood by Warren Lake.

Judging by the footage provided, this mountain lion does not appear to be fully grown. I would call it a mountain cub.

You can watch the video here.

I contacted FCPD to try to share the link, as a mountain lion in town is probably a safety concern. Dispatch directed me to Dept of Wildlife, which doesn’t open until 8. Left a message with Wildlife and posted on next door. -linnux_lewis

Major safety concern is that Golden Meadows meets up with the Power Trail, and all that surrounds Kruze Elementary. There's a thicket between the park and school of some really tall herbaceous veg and trees that could make for some good hiding - DMagnus11


Are Mountain Cubs Dangerous?


You are probably wondering if mountain cubs are dangerous. Mountain cubs are not dangerous, but according to Mountain Hiker, you will not be in danger from the mountain lion cub when you see it, but you can be in danger because the cub's parent is likely nearby and will protect their cub.

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