Colorado continues to see a wave of businesses that made it through the pandemic but cannot keep things going now.

As a restaurant, like any business, you don't get to stay in operation for more than 20 years if you don't know what you're doing.

Here's an example of a restaurant that knows what they're doing; They're doing the right thing for themselves.

Italian-Restaurant-Closes-Colorado (2)

This restaurant, in the Denver/Aurora area, was known for having a great marsala dish. Now, they'll be known for having closed after two decades of preparing delicious meals.


Being a restaurant owner takes a lot of effort: the endless hours, the managing of supplies, keeping the customers happy, and maintaining a dependable staff. These days, doing all of that gets harder and harder; especially when it comes to staffing.

Italian-Restaurant-Closes-Colorado (2)

Nonna's Chicago Bistro (on Leetsdale) even used to have live jazz while you dined on the weekends. That's the kind of initiative that customers appreciate: providing a fun, relaxing atmosphere.

Italian-Restaurant-Closes-Colorado (2)
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Westword reports that Nonna's (there is another in Centennial) closed after their lease ended at the end of August 2023.


The owners of this Nonna's list some of the common reasons we've heard as of late:

  • Rising food/supply costs
  • Increase in rent.
  • Increase in minimum wage.
  • Lack of employees willing to work.

It just seems to be the way things will continue for some time: Longtime businesses finding it hard to maintain with the ever-changing economy.

What favorite restaurants have you seen close, lately?

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