A bear has become quite famous in its hometown of Lake Tahoe, California, but not for the greatest of reasons. The bear, who has become a widely-known nuisance, is more or less being kicked out of the town and will soon be calling Colorado home.

Who is the Bear that's Moving to Colorado Soon?

The bear's name is technically named 64F but has been given the nickname Hank the Tank due to its size. Despite being named "Hank," the bear is actually a female weighing around 500 pounds, which is about twice the size of the average black bear.

Hank the Tank is known around Lake Tahoe for being a nuisance, or "problem bear" according to the Department of Fish and Wildlife, and has broken into at least 28 homes in the area.

Hank has gained entry to these homes by tearing doors down and breaking windows and the department has received roughly 150 phone calls from residents complaining about her.

Despite the bad reputation, it's actually Hank's popularity that, in the end, saved her life.

Hank the Tank is Moving to Colorado

A number of things can happen to so-called "problem bears" after they've been caught, including euthanasia. Not only has Hank been caught ransacking homes numerous times, but after she was given a GPS collar, she promptly ripped it off.

However, the Lake Tahoe community voiced concerns about Hank being euthanized and because of this, the bear is set to be relocated to The Wild Animal Refuge in Springfield, Colorado.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife says that Hank will become a Colorado resident in the next week or so and will live out the rest of her life at the sanctuary where her reign of destruction will likely be over for good.

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