Life is going to be easier for bike and scooter riders in Fort Collins. "The Choice City" is getting serious about bike and scooter parking. They're rolling out a new pilot program to designate several new on-street parking areas specifically for bikes and scooters.

Fort Collins Bike Riders: You Will Be Getting Fewer Tickets 

The new parking areas will be marked with white paint and two white pylons. They'll be located in various spots around Fort Collins, so you'll be able to find one near you no matter where you're going.

New bike parking
Photo Credit: Matt Murphy, City of Fort Collins

This Is a Big Win For The City, Too

Improperly parked bikes and scooters can be a nuisance to pedestrians and drivers. They can also block access to businesses and other important destinations.

This pilot program is a step in the right direction for Fort Collins. It's a way to make the city more bike- and scooter-friendly, while also making it easier for everyone to get around.

This Is Just the Beginning

View of Fort Collins

The City is also working on a number of other initiatives to make Fort Collins a more bike- and scooter-friendly city. They're expanding the bike and scooter share programs, adding more bike lanes, and making it easier to get around on two wheels.

The goal is to make FoCo a city where everyone can get around easily. I believe that is something everyone can get behind. Driving around Old Town at 5:00 PM feels like a disaster right now.

Here Are Some More Benefits of the Pilot Program

  • It will help to reduce conflicts between pedestrians and cyclists.
  • It will make it easier for people to find a place to park their bikes and scooters.
  • It will help to keep the streets clean and free of clutter.

Source: City of Fort Collins

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