It's hot and it isn't going to cool off during the day anytime soon.

Western Colorado is facing several days of extreme heat. As of today, Grand Junction is possibly looking at 14 straight days of temperatures forecasted above 100.

How are you going to keep cool? Sure, you could go to a water park with hundreds of other sweaty guests or even wade ankle-deep at a splash pad.

But really, it will be just a matter of time before your cooked and miserable all over again.

Thankfully, there is a pool waiting for you to soak your tired body this summer. There's just one catch.

Best Pool In Western Colorado?

Wouldn't be nice to have an indoor pool all to yourself?

Well, maybe it wouldn't be JUST you. You're also going to need a bartender at your own personal swim-up bar.

Indoor Pool In Grand Junction
Bray Real Estate Photo

Of course, you're also going to need a cool $3 million to afford this place.

A home currently listed for sale in the 2600 block of Partridge Court in Grand Junction boasts a massive indoor pool with one of the best swim-up bars you've seen outside of a Caribbean resort.

The listing also boasts features that you'd probably enjoy even if you don't know how to swim.

  • Home theater
  • Private elevator
  • Built-in espresso maker
  • Seven bathrooms
  • Heated tile floors
  • Six-car garage

Just How Large Is This House?

The sprawling home runs just under 10,000 square feet and is described as "Tuscan-inspired."

Outside of Grand Junction Home With Massive Pool
Bray Real Estate

Built in 2005, this five-bedroom home sold for just over $1 million back in 2013. Given the robust offering of amenities and the current housing market, the $3 million price tag is understandable.

Take a peek at the rest of this place. Maybe call a few friends who you wouldn't mind having as roommates.

This place is huge, so you probably won't ever see them anyway.

Western Colorado Home With The Best Pool For Extreme Heat

This Grand Junction home currently listed by Bray Real Estate has what some might consider one of the best indoor pools in Western Colorado complete with a swim-up bar. But the

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