The University of Colorado's Head Football "Coach Prime" - otherwise known as Deion Sanders - is undergoing surgery on his groin area to help remove blood clots in his legs. The surgery was scheduled for 6 AM mountain on Friday morning, June 23. This is the latest in a long line of health struggles Sanders has faced, particularly with regard to his foot, which was reported to be at risk for amputation by a handful of sources this week.

The surgery was first reported on the Pat McAfee show by a guest, and friend of Sanders, Adam 'Pacman' Jones.

After a video had been posted online of a meeting Sanders had with doctors in his office at CU, many had speculated that his left foot was being - or at least at risk for being - amputated due to poor blood flow in his legs, an ailment he has experienced for some time. He's already had two of the toes on his left foot amputated and there was reporting that unless this surgery to remove blood clots was a success, the potential exists for his entire foot needing to be amputated.

After media outlets ran with the amputation story, Sanders posted a video on Instagram where he said "It's time for the horse to talk... you heard it from everyone else, but you haven't heard it from me." He then went into detail about his situation saying that while amputation was the last resort, he believed it would never come to that because this surgery was going to be a success and he'd be ready to prowl the sidelines at Folsom Field this fall.

He also said that several well wishers had reached out, including someone who promised they have a remedy to help all of his toes grow back. Then he laughs hysterically. It's worth a watch in the video Coach Prime posted below.

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