Denver seems to be a polarizing city. I know plenty of people who love living and doing things in Denver and at the same time, I know just as many that loathe the city. I've always held a special place in my heart for the Mile High City. Growing up in Arvada, I thought that our state's capital was the best skyline ever. When I was old enough to venture out on my own, I would often go into downtown Denver. There was something about the vibe of the city and the tall skyscrapers seemed to call my name.


At one point, I had a goal to live in the middle of downtown. That goal never became a reality and as I got older, the idea of living in the middle of downtown Denver didn't seem the best for my lifestyle. Those who do want to live in a bustling metropolis like Denver often seek out the best of the best when it comes to neighborhoods.

Recently, 5280 put out a list of the best neighborhoods in Denver. Approximately one-third of all of the neighborhoods located in Denver made the "best of" list. Did you know that there are 78 different neighborhoods in Denver? I knew that there were quite a few, but not that many.

The Top 5 Neighborhoods in Denver, Colorado


5280 ranked the best Denver neighborhoods by average home sale price, crime data, school ratings, demographics, and what they call the "X Factor". These are the top five neighborhoods in Denver in 2023.

Cherry Creek Neighborhood

The neighborhood of Cherry Creek ranked fifth on the best-of list with a population of 7,037, a 2023 median home sale price of $1.578 million, a school score of four, a crime rank of 57, and the X Factor score of 8.5

West Highland Neighborhood

Denver's West Highland neighborhood ranked fourth on the best-of list with a population of 9,934, a 2023 median home sale price of $993k, a school score of four, a crime rank of 29, and an X Factor score of 8.5.

Berkeley Neighborhood

The neighborhood of Berkeley in Denver ranked third on the best-of list with a population of 9,070. Berkeley has the lowest 2023 median home sale price with $950k, a school score of 3.5, a crime rank of 26, and an X Factor score of 9.

Hilltop Neighborhood

The Hilltop neighborhood of Denver ranked the second best on the best-of list with a population of 8,795, a 2023 median home sale price of $1.62 million, a school score of 4, a crime rank of 9, and an X Factor score of 7.5.

 Washington Park Neighborhood

Denver's best neighborhood in 2023 is Washington Park according to 5280. Washington Park's population is 7,560, the median home price in 2023 us $1.63 million, a school score of four, a crime rank of 11, and an X Factor score of 9.


If you would like to see the full list of the 25 best neighborhoods in Denver for 2023, visit 5280.

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