By now, there's a good chance you've heard of the notorious cult known as Twelve Tribes. The cult has a large presence in Colorado and most notably owns the Yellow Deli in Boulder but also has a deli in Manitou Springs and, allegedly, some lumber businesses in Colorado Springs.

However, the cult most recently made headlines after being accused of starting the devastating Marshall Fire, but there are many other awful things that the cult is accused of.

Until now, we haven't really seen any insider footage of the cult, where they live, or any of the rituals they perform. However, a couple of brave YouTubers infiltrated a sect of the cult with hidden cameras, and what they found was unsettling, to say the least.

YouTubers Infiltrate Notorious Twelve Tribes Cult

The pair of friends, Ben and Danny, began this journey by securing jobs at another Yellow Deli location, this one in California. They gained the trust of the cult members and eventually moved into their compound. It was there that they secretly filmed the cult's day-to-day activities and as you might expect, some grim stuff was caught on tape.

The Twelve Tribes cult is notorious for being prejudiced against the LGBT community, the Jewish community, and African Americans, among others. In addition, serious cases of child abuse and illegal child labor have been reported for years.

Ben and Danny's footage more than confirmed every one of these claims and caught bizarre end of days rituals on tape, as well as the plan to acquire 140,000 virgins to engage in a mass suicide. The cult members can also be seen telling the guys not to marry outside their race, and when Ben told them that his Chinese-American fiance was sick, the members tried to persuade him to stay at the compound and let her die.

Here are some of Ben and Danny's findings, as well as more videos from this multi-chapter saga:

A Guy Infiltrated Notorious Cult that Owns Colorado’s Yellow Deli

A couple of brave YouTubers infiltrated the Twelve Tribes, a notorious cult that owns Colorado’s Yellow Deli, and have even been accused of starting the Marshall Fire.

Colorado Deli Allegedly Run by Cult Notorious For Child Abuse

The Yellow Deli in Boulder, Colorado is said to be run by a notorious cult by the name of Twelve Tribes.

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