Are you sitting on a bunch of puns that make your family or friends smile or roll their eyes? One of Colorado's famous signs has an outlet for you; give it a shot.

In Colorado, it's a sign that began its popularity with an April Fools joke. Ten years later, thousands of people follow along to see what the sign will be "saying" next. Your witticism could be on that sign, to be seen by tons of people.


In 2013, the Indian Hills Community's community sign had a new message:

Indian Hills annexed by Morrison, slow down!

Since that first "April Fools Day" message, the little community, just off Highway 285 near Morrison, became famous for that sign and Vince the Sign Guy.

Today, "Vince the Sign Guy," the volunteer who began posting those puns/quips on the Indian Hills Community Center sign, has his OWN sign at Vallecito Lake, Colorado.

Facebook/Vince the Sign Guy

Vince's sign (which is posted to the Indian Hills Community Center Sign Facebook Page) is not only one of Colorado's most famous signs; it gets translated into over 80 languages each year across the world. Millions of people know of the "pun sign in Colorado."

Facebook/Indian Hills Community Center and Sign

After having changed up the sign with different quips and puns for over 10 years, it comes as no surprise that Vince would open it up for suggestions.


Here's a great way for you to have an outlet for your creative "genius." Are you the Dad who loves the horrible pun jokes? Maybe you're quick with the turn of phrase? Why not give this a shot?

You could be featured next:

"Thanks, Mel N."  - That could be YOU.

If you go to Vince's website, you'll find a form "Submit Your Own Pun" to fill out with your cleverness.

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