Last month it was announced that the state of Colorado was issuing licenses for businesses to legally open bus services in which smoking marijuana on board was not just allowed but encouraged.

Now, a new bus of this fashion is up and running, but this one’s a little different as its primary clientele will be the same people that hire wedding planners, wedding DJs, and the like.

Keep scrolling to find out how you can have a “green” wedding in Colorado.

New Colorado Marijuana Bus Hirable for Weddings

As of July 20, 2023, Denver’s Alisha Gallegos secured one of the aforementioned licenses to operate a marijuana bus in the city. Her company, Canna Cabanabus, will likely be spotted all around the Mile High City in the near future as she has plans to bring the bus to concerts and sporting events.

However, Gallegos’ main focus will be renting out the Canna Cabanabus to soon-to-be weds for their weddings.

In order to be in compliance with local law, the bus needs to have proper ventilation so as to not expose the driver, or anyone outside of the bus, to marijuana smoke and must have a pre-determined route that it must adhere to when operating.

However, in order to follow the aforementioned route while still maintaining a presence at, say, a wedding, the bus will simply need to be moved every 30 minutes from one place to another.

The Canna Cabanabus will likely be spotted around Denver in the near future and if that’s your thing, available to book for any upcoming weddings you or your friends have coming up.


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